The Directors Education Series

This series provides effective and efficient board training to guide you through the complexities of today’s banking environment.

Subscription Webinar Service | Compliance Training Webinar for Teams and Businesses

Training focused on bank director conduct, responsibilities and liabilities

The fiduciary responsibility and liability of the Bank Director is ever increasing. It is critical your Director stays current with training to guide them through the complexities of today’s banking environment.

In this series, all programs are 20-25 minutes in length (perfect for board meetings) and have been authored by highly recognized, respected industry experts. Their guidance will assist you with the responsibility you have to educate those who serve on your financial institution’s Board.

One annual subscription provides your financial institution with access to the entire library of content, with new topics added every month.

The Director Series delivers...

  • 60+ courses available 24/7 with 12 new courses added every year
  • Short (20-25 minutes) sessions – perfect for board meetings
  • Courses contain audio, video and PowerPoint
  • Handouts available for download
  • Course and user tracking and reporting
  • Printable certificates of completion

Relevant topics

  • Board/Committee Composition
  • Board Legal Duties & Liability
  • BSA/AML Program
  • Community Reinvestment Act
  • Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Financial Statement Overview
  • Regulation O
  • Strategic Planning

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